It was 'free will' - not 'free Willy!'

Almost the day when SmartS got it's remarks on emergence out, the follower-crowd got interspersed by a significant number of psychoanalysts and 'quantum-esoterics' guys.
While we happily welcome every lost sould searching for wisdom also in our utterances, I, personally, get scared.
Not because of the psychoanalysts. I actually might need them. But because of the scientoid babble of the others. The guy who delivers his revolutionary thoughts in 7MB chunks to the mailbox is easily complimented to the door of the spam folder (even though the subject-line is somewhat mouthwatering "polarities cosmic physics are contrary to the physical plan of expression of earth. Cosmic physics in the positive attracts positive and negative attracts the negative"). But some not-so-asked-for wisdom strains the patience of even the most diplomatically trained reader:
In one mail I had to endure some lecturing about the *free will* of photons (!) (yes! PHOTONS!).
Photons *obviously* are endowed with free will as they *decide* whether to behave like a particle or a wave, the author wrote. I don't want to sound rude, but could some rocket-scientists, please!, consider mounting a spam-filter right in their outbox?
(thank you)


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